Mail-in Your Devices

In 3 Simple Steps

In the event that none of our Instafix shops are within your reach or if it would just be more preferable to mail us your electronic device, our Mail-In repair service has been designed to enable a hassle free mail-in experience. Check out our easy three step mail-in process for your device as detailed below.

Our Mail-in Repair Process

Download and Fill the mail-in form

Click on the icon above or the button below to download your mail-in form.

Package and ship your device and include the mail-in form

Carefully pack your device in a small box or envelope. Don't forget to include your completed form!

Kick back and relax we'll take care of the hard part!

Get ready for your device to be repaired and shipped back to you!

Once we receive your shipment, an experienced technician will contact you to explain the diagnosis and give you an estimate of the time and cost required to restore your iPhone, smartphone or any other electronic device. We recommend insuring your package and keeping a copy of the tracking number for your protection and peace of mind.